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Medford Mayor McGlynn cheers Green Line project kickoff

11 December, 2012 (17:37) | Community Event, News | By: Editor

Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn has a word with Governor Deval Patrick following the Green Line Extension construction kickoff event.

An enthusiastic Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn today helped local, state and national officials mark the start of construction for the long-awaited extension of the Green Line to Somerville and Medford.

“Today is the day that the doubters will become believers,” McGlynn said before a large gathering of citizens and news media representatives in a parking lot at the Target store on Somerville Avenue in Somerville, near one of the bridges that will be widened for the Green Line in Phase I.

“People who were concerned about a struggling economy and a Great Recession over the last five years felt that this day would never happen,” McGlynn said. “Well, the shovels are now in the ground, and we all look forward to a cleaner environment, economic expansion, job creation, increased revenue, transit-oriented development opportunities, not only here in Somerville but Medford and Cambridge.”

Green Line service is not scheduled reach Medford until about 2019, but McGlynn pointed out a key benefit that the city will derive from the widening of the rail bridge over Harvard Street during Phase I work, which will include replacement of a 19th century water pipe with a larger, modern version.

“We also welcome the fact that when the Harvard Street bridge is redesigned and reconstructed that a great portion of South Medford will be relieved of the serious flood situation that has existed there for years,” McGlynn said.

“So this is all about quality of life issues from the first shovel that goes into the ground until that first train rolls down the tracks. I congratulate everybody and let’s keep going!”

Watch a video of McGlynn’s remarks here.

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