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Mayor McGlynn enthusiastic about Rt. 16 station study

17 February, 2011 (08:49) | Community Event, News | By: Editor

Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn was enthusiastic about the start last night of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s year-long study of the proposed Route 16 station on the Green Line extension.

Here are McGlynn’s remarks in which he welcomed the some 200 attendees to the kickoff meeting at the Brooks School:

“For all of us I think this is a very good evening because we started six years ago, actually when Doug Foy was in another administration, trying to get funding to study the extension from the end of Phase 1 to Route 16. And we did that because we wanted to know what the traffic impacts are, the different land use concerns, and most importantly, the opportunity for economic benefit for the community in terms of transit-oriented development.

“Now for lot of years have gone by and our requests have just somewhere floundered until Governor Patrick found out, talked to Secretary Mullan, worked with our legislative delegation, and they came up with $200,000 to go forward on this study.

“It’s important obviously for all of the residents who live in that area, and the business, but even more so for the community at-large. There can be so many other hidden benefits that people really haven’t even looked at when you’re talking about an extension of the Green Line.

“And every instance where we deal with the environment, we find out as you go to make improvements with the environment, there are other greater benefits that come along with it, and I hope that this is going come out in this particular case.

“It is better that we are prepared and that we have planned if in fact the funding does come through and this does happen.

“I welcome you all here tonight. I think it’s a very exciting thing and I thank everybody from MAPC for the great working relationship that we have had.

“I have to say that I know because this whole issue has a high level of anxiety with so many, it should be known that working with [Project Manager] Kate [Fichter], working with VHB, working with MAPC, working with the Secretary of Transportation…on every single instance that we have sat down and resolved issues that have been there, they have worked very effectively and they’ve made this a very smooth process as we have moved along.

“As late as Monday we had another business that had a concern about the whole future of his business being affected, and after a couple of meetings we were able to work it out much to his satisfaction, and that’s how it’s been since Day 1 of this project, so we thank you for your help.

“And you’ll all have an opportunity to vote on a number of issues tonight, and get some good research for us.”

Among other elected officials to attend the meeting were Sen. Pat Jehlen; State Reps. Carl Sciortino and Sean Garballey; and Medford City Councilors Fred Dello Russo Jr. and Mark Arena.

Other Medford officials on hand included Lauren DiLorenzo, Director of the Office of Community Development, and Karen Rose, Director of the Health Department and Council on Aging.

The next MAPC Route 16 meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, with a location in Medford to be determined.

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