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Month: September, 2013

MassDOT Approval of $393M for GLX

27 September, 2013 (16:01) | Documents, News | By: Admin

Green Line Extension Friends –

We are pleased to announce that the Green Line Extension (GLX) project has recently reached another important milestone, and we wanted to share the news with you. This week the MassDOT Board unanimously approved a $393 million Intergovernmental Service Agreement (ISA) with the MBTA that will construct three new stations and bring the Green Line from Cambridge to Somerville.

Approval of this ISA will allow the MBTA to award a $390 million contract to the GLX Construction Manager-General Contractor (CM/GC), White Skanska Kiewit (WSK). The rest of the ISA will be used to cover MBTA administrative expenses.

This ISA puts money in place for construction to begin on Phase 2/2A of the GLX project which extends service from the (new) Lechmere Station in Cambridge to Washington Street and Union Square Stations in Somerville. The construction of this phase is estimated to be complete with completion of testing and commencement of revenue service by early to mid-2017. In addition, the scope of work will include utility relocations on bridges located in Phase 4, which will ultimately bring the Green Line from Washington Street to College Ave in Medford.

On July 19, 2013 WSK received their Notice to Proceed for pre-construction services as CM/GC for the project. It is anticipated the MassDOT Board will grant WSK a Notice to Proceed (NTP) with construction in early 2014.The WSK contract duration for this work will be for 51 months from the NTP.

With the approval of this ISA the construction of three new Green Line stations will be underway, moving the project another step forward in bringing the Green Line from Cambridge to Somerville and Medford. As always, thank you for your interest in and support of the Green Line Extension.


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