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Information about our green line extension.

Month: October, 2008

MGNA meeting Monday, Nov. 3, 7 p.m.

27 October, 2008 (21:08) | News | By: Editor

The next meeting of the Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance will
be at 7 p.m. on Monday, November 3, at the South Medford Fire Station,
Zero Medford Street.

The Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance is a group of citizens
who support the proposed Green Line extension to Medford, and who
advocate for proactive involvement from the city, its residents and
all stakeholders to ensure that the extension is completed in a manner
that is most beneficial to the community.

Green Line advisory group meetings Nov. 12, Dec. 1

21 October, 2008 (21:55) | Advisory Committee Notes, News | By: Editor

An announcement from the Green Line extension project team:

Dear Advisory Group Members and Interested Parties,

We’re pleased to announce that the next meeting of the Green Line Extension
Advisory Group will be held on Wednesday, November 12th from 4PM-6PM at St.
Clements High School (New Parish Hall), 579 Boston Avenue, Medford.

Since we last met, the project team has been working on issues – articulated
by the Advisory Group, the project municipalities, and others – related to
the proposed Green Line support facility.  In response to questions and
concerns raised about the proposal for the support facility, the project
team has been evaluating numerous additional alternatives and also working
collaboratively with the corridor municipalities and other stakeholders to
finalize EOT’s final recommendation for the support facility.  This
recommendation, and the comprehensive report in which all of the facility
alternatives are analyzed, will be distributed to the Advisory Group and
posted on the project website in advance of the November meeting.

The agenda for this meeting will also include a project overview and
presentation on ridership estimates, as well as a public comment period.
The final agenda will be distributed closer to the meeting date.

Our upcoming schedule is:

November 12, 4-6PM, St. Clements: Advisory Group meeting
December 1, 4-6PM, St. Clements: Advisory Group meeting
December 2008: Public Meetings



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