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Month: August, 2007

CLF slams Deval Patrick for underfunding transit commitments

8 August, 2007 (10:01) | News | By: Admin

The Boston Metro reported today that the Conservation Law Foundation has taken issue with Deval Patrick’s proposed funding for the remaining legal commitments for Big Dig mitigation, saying that his administration “continues the legacy of chronic underfunding for public transit projects”. From the article:

About $20 million is earmarked for the outstanding transit projects agreed upon by the state, under court order, to mitigate the environmental impacts of the Big Dig. Those projects include the Green Line extension to Medford, a study of a Red-Blue Line connector and 1,000 new parking spaces at commuter stations.

“With $25 million spread across multiple projects, we’re not likely to see a major advance made in any of the projects,” Warburg said.

The Green Line extension is supposed to be built by 2014 under a legal settlement inked in November between the state and the CLF. The Red-Blue Line study is supposed to be completed by 2011. The connector study alone is expected to cost $30 million.