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MassDOT Approval of $393M for GLX

27 September, 2013 (16:01) | Documents, News | By: Admin

Green Line Extension Friends -

We are pleased to announce that the Green Line Extension (GLX) project has recently reached another important milestone, and we wanted to share the news with you. This week the MassDOT Board unanimously approved a $393 million Intergovernmental Service Agreement (ISA) with the MBTA that will construct three new stations and bring the Green Line from Cambridge to Somerville.

Approval of this ISA will allow the MBTA to award a $390 million contract to the GLX Construction Manager-General Contractor (CM/GC), White Skanska Kiewit (WSK). The rest of the ISA will be used to cover MBTA administrative expenses.

This ISA puts money in place for construction to begin on Phase 2/2A of the GLX project which extends service from the (new) Lechmere Station in Cambridge to Washington Street and Union Square Stations in Somerville. The construction of this phase is estimated to be complete with completion of testing and commencement of revenue service by early to mid-2017. In addition, the scope of work will include utility relocations on bridges located in Phase 4, which will ultimately bring the Green Line from Washington Street to College Ave in Medford.

On July 19, 2013 WSK received their Notice to Proceed for pre-construction services as CM/GC for the project. It is anticipated the MassDOT Board will grant WSK a Notice to Proceed (NTP) with construction in early 2014.The WSK contract duration for this work will be for 51 months from the NTP.

With the approval of this ISA the construction of three new Green Line stations will be underway, moving the project another step forward in bringing the Green Line from Cambridge to Somerville and Medford. As always, thank you for your interest in and support of the Green Line Extension.


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MassDOT Green Line Extension status report for May

14 May, 2013 (23:07) | Documents, News | By: Editor

MassDOT has posted the May status report on the Green Line Extension project. Below are highlights of new information since the April report:

Phase I Construction
At the Harvard Street Bridge in Medford, enabling work is complete, including creating access to the track elevation, and installation of excavation support along the track alignment. Retaining wall work excavation is ongoing and AT&T and NGrid Gas have completed moving their lines away from the work zones.

A Phase 1 partnering workshop was held in April with representatives from the MBTA, the Program Management/Construction Management team (HDR/Gilbane), the Owner’s Representative, the Contractor, and representatives from each of the Cities of Cambridge, Somerville and Medford.

Design Progress
The AECOM/HNTB design team has continued to advance design on all portions of the program and has made an interim submittal of some 4,000 drawings for review and coordination by MBTA and the Program Management/Construction Management  team (HDR/Gilbane) for the use in an intermediate risk analysis and for the start of the update to the program estimate.

Project Phasing and Delivery
Proposals were submitted on April 22 from three joint ventures wishing to be considered for the Construction Manager/General Contractor contract for Phases 2, 3 and 4 construction. The proposals are currently being reviewed by the selection committee with interviews scheduled for May 16. The contract is currently scheduled for award at the July 2013 MassDOT/MBTA Board meeting.

Procurement of an Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) is under way. Qualification Statements were received on March 29, 2013, reviewed in April, and a Request for Proposal will be sent to the most qualified firms. The ICE Contract is scheduled for approval by the MBTA General Manager in the June/July timeframe.

Real Estate
Certain pre-acquisition activities continue, including the work associated with the title surveys and appraisals for the anticipated full-property acquisitions including those needed for the Vehicle Maintenance facility and at the Ball Square Station location. The Project team continues to issue Right of Entry notices to support both the survey and boring activities and to coordinate with the property owners at those locations. The property acquisition and relocation activities are critical to the start of construction and completion of the maintenance facility [Phase 3].

The team also has been working with the City of Somerville in regard to an agreement to use the Homan’s building site to support construction at the Medford Street Bridge and for the construction of the Gilman Station. Design coordination and resolution of conflicts associated with the concepts generated by the City’s “Somervision” planning process is ongoing and revised property plans are being prepared for parcels at Gilman Station and Ball Square Station.

An appraisal is underway in regard to the NStar property needed by the project on the High School side of the Gilman station area. The project team is also continuing to coordinate with NStar on designs for the provision of power to the traction power substations at Red Bridge, the Maintenance facility and at Gilman Square as well as interface on utility and streetscape issues with HYM and 22 Water Street in Cambridge.

Public Outreach
A Design Working Group/open house meeting was scheduled for early May at the new Project Office to update the Group and the public on the status of the project’s design since its last meeting. An additional round of station workshops is being scheduled for late May and early June [actually, June 3 through June 20; full schedule here  ].

Read more about the Green Line Extension on the project website.

- Ken Krause
Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance

MassDOT Green Line Extension March status report

17 March, 2013 (22:24) | Documents, News | By: Editor

MassDOT has posted the March status report on the Green Line Extension project. Below are highlights of new information since the February report:

Design Progress
The designs of Ball Square and Gilman Square Stations have proceeded, taking into consideration the design study at Ball Square, the City of Somerville’s “Somervision” process, and the ideas accepted from the Value Engineering study. Overall, the size of the stations has been reduced by about 10 percent.

In order to reach resolution of egress issues, the MBTA submitted a variance request to gain acceptance of the Advanced Conceptual Design of the emergency egress from the end of four station platforms (College Avenue, Ball Square, Lowell Street and Union Square). In early March, these variance requests were all granted, allowing for design to proceed on the emergency egress elements off the end of these station platforms.

The project team has continued to meet and coordinate design issues with representatives from the three communities including: (1) A meeting with the City of Somerville and Friends of the Community Path on the path connections in the Red Bridge area and met with the City of Cambridge on interim parking near Lechmere Station; (2) A meeting with the City of Medford on the revised Ball Square plans; (3) Meetings with the City of Somerville and the City of Medford on the Phase 1 Construction Plan, a local abutters meeting for the work around the Harvard Street bridge location as well as one with the general public in regard to the Phase 1 work.

As a follow-up to the January 2013 Coordination meeting with the Mass Historic Commission on the details of the viaduct demolition, a Historical American Engineering Report (HAER) is being prepared for submittal in March 2013.

Real Estate
The GLX Relocation Plan has been submitted to the FTA for comment. Additional schedules to implement the real estate acquisition process in a prioritized manor are being developed in conjunction with the MBTA’s Real Estate department and then will be incorporated into the overall program schedule.

The real estate process to permit Phase 1 construction work to proceed is now complete, with compensation made to all property owners affected by the Phase 1 construction, and the necessary temporary construction access licenses have been executed.

Appraisals are ongoing on the properties needed to be acquired for the Vehicle Maintenance facility, which will be an L-shaped facility near the Boston Engine Terminal in Somerville to be built in Phase 3.  As the maintenance facility and full storage yard are not needed to support initial passenger service to Washington Street and Union Square (Phases 2/2A), this phase has been scheduled to be complete some six months ahead of the date for revenue service to College Avenue (Phase 4, completion date July 2019). It is anticipated that the relocation activities of the current occupants of the maintenance facility site will be completed by the end of 2015 such that site cleanup and demolition can start shortly thereafter.

- Ken Krause, Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance