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MGNA offers Mystic Valley station plan that retains U-Haul building

21 November, 2017 (01:17) | Editorial, News | By: Editor

MGNA_Rt. 16 rendering and plan_Page_1The Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance strongly favors preserving the building, which would make the station project less expensive, less environmentally damaging, and less disruptive to the neighborhood.

The accompanying images created by MGNA show a concept of a repurposed U-Haul building and a possible station configuration.

The two alternatives are included in a Notice of Project Change (NPC) document that the MBTA filed to begin the Mystic Valley Parkway environmental impact study.

Members of public are invited to submit written comments on the NPC by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 28. Comments should be addressed to:

Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)

Attn: MEPA Office

EEA No. 13886

100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900

Boston MA  02114

Following a review of the NPC and the public comments, the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Matthew Beaton, will issue a scope for the environmental impact study. That is expected to be announced on December 8.

MGNA_Rt. 16 rendering and plan_Page_2



Green Line Extension groundbreaking by the numbers

11 December, 2012 (06:27) | Community Event, Editorial, News | By: Editor

Planning for the Green Line Extension to Somerville and Medford – a legal obligation of the Commonwealth since 1991 – began in earnest on June 3, 2004, with the first meeting of the Beyond Lechmere Northwest Corridor Study Advisory Committee.

As ground is broken today on the project, here are some numbers to put the milestone in perspective:

3,113: Number of days of planning the extension since the first meeting of the Beyond Lechmere study committee (8 years, 6 months, 8 days)

6: Number of Secretaries of Transportation since planning began (Dan Grabauskas, John Cogliano, Bernard Cohen, James Aloisi, Jeffrey Mullan, Richard Davey)

8: Number of major project studies (Beyond Lechmere, Expanded Environmental Notification Form, Draft Environmental Impact Report, Final Environmental Impact Report, Historical and Architectural Resource Study, Support Facility Alternatives Analysis, Environmental Assessment, Mystic Valley Parkway Community Visioning Study)

9: Number of bidders for Phase I construction contract (widening the rail bridges over Harvard Street in Medford and over Medford Street in Somerville, and demolishing the MBTA building at 21 Water Street in Cambridge)

$12.9 million: Low bid for Phase I construction (by Barletta Heavy Division)

$15.3 million: MBTA engineer’s pre-bid estimate on Phase I construction cost

$700 million: Total cost of Green Line Extension construction

$1.115 billion: Total cost of Green Line Extension project

7,500: Projected number of new MBTA riders due to the Green Line Extension

12,700: Total linear feet of noise barriers to be installed (2.4 miles)

25,018: Projected daily reduction in Vehicle Miles Traveled due to auto trips converted to transit

49,000: Projected daily ridership at new Green Line Stations by 2030

24: Number of new Green Line cars being procured

100: Percent of stations that will offer universal access and exceed ADA standards

0: Number of homes needed to be acquired for extension

2016: Scheduled opening year for Lechmere, Union Square and Washington Street stations

2019: Scheduled opening year for Gilman Square, Lowell Street, Ball Square and College Avenue stations

###???: Opening year for Mystic Valley Parkway Station

– Ken Krause, Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance

Developers: Green Line Extension a good investment

20 October, 2011 (09:17) | Editorial | By: Editor

Two of the principals involved with the Maxwell’s Green development near the proposed Lowell Street Station on the Green Line Extension expound the virtues of the transit project in a column on

Ted Tobin of KSS Realty and Kyle B. Warwick of Gate Residential Properties write:

“In an economy that is still struggling to recover, the Green Line extension would produce much needed jobs for the Commonwealth, and encourage the kind of development that enhances quality of life while adhering to the state’s own vision and agenda for smart growth.

“The Green Line extension is a major endeavor requiring over $1 billion in investment and a creative approach to financing. But it represents a fundamental responsibility – and a promise the state has made – for which MassDOT and the MBTA must be held accountable. It also represents the very best kind of economic stimulus. The private sector will invest when it has confidence the state is ready to deliver on this project.

“The quarter-century old lesson of the Red Line extension is an illustration of leadership, courage and a commitment to do what’s right for the public interest. The payoff is visible every day in Somerville, Cambridge and the surrounding area, and so that lesson bodes well for what lays ahead as a result of the Green Line extension.

“It’s time for MassDOT and the MBTA to examine its own history, show true leadership and fulfill this commitment.”


– Ken Krause, MGNA